6 Reasons Why Winter Exercise Is Crucial

It is common knowledge that exercise is good for us. But, did you know that exercise can actually make you a happier more positive person? Unfortunately, in these cold winter months as the mornings and evenings become darker and colder,  exercise becomes more of a challenge. It is natural for us to want to hibernate and stay out of the cold, but, winter exercise is crucial, not only to keep you happy and positive, but to keep you fit for when summer comes so that you dont have to rapidly lose those unwanted winter pounds.


Here are 6 reasons why exercise is going to keep you happy, positive and motivated this winter:

  1. Exercise reduces stress, because our bodies give us a natural release through breaking a sweat, releasing hormones and raising our heart rate. The combination of these do wonders for the body and the mind, calming us down post exercise. Therefore, being more calm, means you will be less stressed, and much happier, healthier instead.
  2. Exercise reduces anxiety, which is very clearly linked with stress. So by exercising regularly and reducing those stress levels you will in turn, be getting rid of that awful anxiety.
  3. Exercise gets rid of Insomnia. When we are highly stressed out and anxious about everything it is obviously impossible to relax enough to sleep well. So when we exercise and we place that slight bit of strain/stress on the body it not only eases and reduces stress and anxiety, it tires the body out, making sleeping much easier. So again, exercise is a great and easy cure to many of these health problems.
  4. Exercise gives you more energy, and with more energy you can do anything. You can stay focused at work for longer, and prioritizing exercise becomes a habit not a chore.
  5. Exercise makes you happy, because of the great endorphin release we experience during and after exercise.
  6. Finally, Exercise boosts your confidence. It must now be obvious to you, that when our bodies are exercised regularly, stress and anxiety disappear, we can sleep better, which gives us more energy to cope with life. Having more energy makes us happier because we find ourselves achieving more, and all these positive outcomes give us the confidence boost we need to carry on and do better.

So, as I’m sure you now agree, exercise is the best medicine. And yes, getting your exercise in becomes considerably harder in winter, but, those cold dark mornings are so worth it when these are all the benefits, and when you are a happier, healthier person.

I have come to realize that if we don’t have our health we dont have much. So, look after your body, and love it enough to give it the exercise it needs to make you the best you can be. Stay motivated through winter ladies!!

Peace and Love




Has this post been helpful in encouraging you to say motivated through winter, and making sure you fit in your exercise? Please let me know in the comment box below.

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