What’s Your Jean Type?

Do you know what your jean type is? Every girl needs that one pair of jeans. That one amazing pair that can be worn with anything, that fit like a glove and that make you feel like like a million bucks! But finding your jean type isn’t always easy.


The two main factors pay attention to when you are on the hunt for your perfect pair, are the right size and the right fit.

It is so important to get this right, because what looks good on one person won’t always suit everyone.

So here are some tips on how to find the perfect pair specific to your body type:

1. Firstly, for all body types, jeans must fit properly around the waist and hips for them to be comfortable.

2. Secondly, the thigh area must not be too tight or movement will be restricted, and the jeans will be uncomfortable.

3. If you are a Rectangle shape (with not much difference between waist and hips circumference, like most models), you can wear high waisted jeans, jeans that sit naturally at the waist (mid rise), or low rise jeans, and in any colour. People with this body type are very lucky and can get away with wearing pretty much whatever type of jeans they want.

4. If you are an inverted triangle or apple shape (broader upper body and narrow hips) a low rise/mid rise, in lighter colours will be best for you. The low rise will give the hips more shape, and the lighter shades of denim will enhance the slimmer part of your body, and balance out the broader upper body to the more narrow lower body.

5. If you are an hourglass or pear shape (with the biggest difference between waist and hip circumference), like me, high waisted or mid rise jeans in darker colours will be best suited to your shape. The high waisted or mid rise accentuate your smaller waist making you appear slimmer, and being more bootylicious and heavier on the bottom, darker colours will also be more flattering.

If you follow my blog, you will see that these high waisted black sissy boy jeans have featured in many of my posts. I love them and wear them in so many different ways – they are without a doubt my perfect pair!

I hope these simple tips have been useful in helping your find your jean type! Let me know in the comment box below.

Peace and love




Wearing: French Connection Leather Jacket, Zara Body Suit, Sissy Boy Jeans, Call It Spring Shoes

Photo Credit: Chelsea Cara Photography

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